Certified kosher by Badatz Beit Yosef and the Chief Rabbinate, Jerusalem

Certified kosher by Badatz Beit Yosef and the Chief Rabbinate, Jerusalem

Due to the holiday rush, minimum order and free shipping are over 300 NIS in the Jerusalem area. During the holiday season, due to the rush, we recommend our customers to arrive and do their shopping in the store.

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David Dagim – David’s Fish Company – is a fish market established on the extensive knowledge acquired over 40 years of operation. The customer and the customer’s wishes are our priority, and we are committed to meeting customer needs. David Dagim provides personal service to customers, who can choose how to cut and wrap their purchases. David Fish offers its customers personalized service, where the customer can choose how to cut and pack the fish in the barrel.

David Dagim abides by the highest standards in the retail fish market, championing quality, cleanliness, freshness, and of course, polite service, while ensuring quality control and handling of fish, and wrapping with care. We are dedicated to protecting the freshness and the unique texture and quality of the fish you buy. This allows for the freshness and unique texture of the fish. At our fish market, you will find a large selection of all kinds of fish, including varieties of fish, you won’t find anywhere else in the shuk.

At David Dagim, we receive fresh merchandise every morning. Combine that with David and Tuvia’s experience and knowledge, and the help of the rest of the employees at David Dagim, and you can be sure you are getting the best and freshest fish in the market You can order by phone and we will deliver to your home.